Friday, 30 December 2016

Hats! Perfect!

My most loved thing to make and use are hats, slouchy or fitted I love them all. I make loads of them. I used to get super frustrated by the gap that is left from joining in the round so now I use the invisible seam method, there are a few different ideas for it but my preferred method is pictured below.

I am using James c Brett Partytime Chunky for the hat in the pictures with a 6mm hook.

So usually you would chain the required amount, in this case 2 as using HTR/HDC then work a stitch in the next stitch and around,

Joining to the top of the chain at the beginning of the round, but as you can see this leaves a gap, which as you work up the hat causes a line of holes, not pretty at all.

To stop this I chain the required

 But then work my first stitch in the same place as I joined, When I have finished my round i make sure to join into the top of the Stitch NOT the chain

This closes the gap perfectly.

As you can see, the join is closed and less visible
If you use single colour yarn it is even less visible,
I just happened to be using self striping at the time.

I finished this hat with Curly-Cues instead of a pom pom (for a change) 

I tend to do my own thing when it comes to basic kids beanies, I like to use this Blog post to guide me to sizes, with this you can use any yarn, an hook and this guide will show you how to properly size crochet hats

My all time favourite Slouchy pattern and the one I go to every time is this one from ( the awesome!)  Mims Designs her buttoned beauty slouchy (this will take you to the pattern page on Ravelry) is fab! I have made so many of these, they are super popular. click here for a couple of mine. Pop over to Mims designs and show some love, queue it and hook it! you wont be disappointed I promise you.

                                                           Have a great New Year and Happy Hookin'

Monday, 28 November 2016

Catch up anyone?

Oh wow! how long has it been! far too long.
   Lots of things have happened since I last posted, Hubby ventured back into catering, My middle baby went up to high school, We got a new puppy 

Here she is in her favourite place, minding my wool.

and the biggest thing, I opened a shop! my own Yarn shop, super exciting, I started small, shop sharing with another trader who sells shabby chic furniture and their own range of awesome chalk paint, (I know its good, I have used it) which you can see here Unique Chic but have now outgrown my little space and need to expand so..... I pick my keys up in 2 days! eeek! 

I am called The Wool Room and also have a facebook page of the same name, I currently stock James C Brett, Cygnet, Robin and Woolcraft (including New Fashion). All very popular and great to work with. I think its important to sell what you like and use.

We have also been participating in the T B Ramsdens Advent tree crochet a long which has been great fun, my tree is very nearly ready to decorate, I am running behind a bit but catching up well. I will post a photo next time with the completed tree, I am also doing a lot of Mermaid tails, got 4 to do for christmas orders. Love how the James C Brett Marble Chunky works up in these blankets. also did a couple in the PartyTime yarn, also (James Brett)

So the next time I see you I will of completed my tree and moved into my new place.

I am missing designing and may have to have a do some in the new year, I have started CE safety testing my toys so maybe I will design some new ones :D 
  Much Love and Happy Hookin' 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Proud Mummy

So yesterday was Mothers day here in the UK, My lovely kiddos gave me gifts of there own thoughts and making, My 10 yr old is a crocheter, She wanted to make me something so wanted an Octopus, she couldnt find a design she liked so in true Creative style made one up, I made one following her design and was rather impressed, She typed it up, I put it in PDF form and added it to my Ravelry store for her, She made her first sale and is so excited she can't sleep hehe
 the link is and for the first 25 customers or midnight GMT on 7th match it has 20% off with the code firstpattern
if you make it please add photos to ravelry
Much love and happy hookin' xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

St Davids Day Daffodils

So, Today is St Davids Day here in Wales, little people went to school in Wales t-shirts and of course, crochet and Knitted daffodils. I made one for myself late last night using Attic 24 Daffodil Pattern Its my go to pattern for daff's I have tried so many and this one never ever fails me.

I am about to start a new venture and intend on covering a tea cozy in these as part of a display along with crochet and knitted cakes and biscuits.

My knitting is coming along rather nicely too, Actually sat down with a very scary looking Cable Needle a couple of weeks ago to cure the fear I have within. Created a lovely Knitted Wrist Warmer, just have to find 10 minutes to finish the second now, but to be honest I do have at least 1 warm arm!
This is pre sewing up. Really very impressed with myself.
I also did a cute flower, some Breast Feeding Hats, A few hats of various sizes and a stunning 12 Point Star Blanket. Been a productive 2 weeks thats for sure! 
 I love the rebeliousness of Boobie Beanies, these are going off to a teacher ready for her baby in April.

I really do love blankets, especially my c2c ones but my flavor of the month is Stars!
  I love these 12 point stars, they look awesome in varigated yarn or just plain old solid colours.

    Dydd gwyl dewi sant hapus! Happy st David's day!   and as ever Happy Hookin' xx

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Rubbish Blogger award to.....ME!

So here we are, Another year gone! but oh its been busy, I have been doing lots of charity groups, Teaching groups and Orders, As well as trying ti keep house while satisfying my craving for all things Yarn!!

I have been lucky enough to have a few of my items used in Photo Shoots this weekend, I will do my best to post more, maybe when I make something I should blog it! 

I will also be updating some of my tutorials on You Tube too! 

Heres to a busy, fab, Yarn Filled Fab 2016

Happy Hookin' My lovlies

Monday, 14 September 2015

Pattern Discount!

I dont normally do Sales But I thought, as summer is over and I am freezing! I would do a sale so you can get a Discount of 20% with code WintersHere at my Ravelry store. Let me know if you make one
 ends 6pm london time Tuesday 15th September (runs for 24hrs)

hope you like my designs, I will be adding more soon, I have made some wristoes and a hat that just need writing up

Happy Hookin lovlies x

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Holey Moley Granny Square!! Photo Tutorial xx

Holey Moley Granny! By Kerry Aston

Pattern is worked in US terms with UK in (Brackets)
DK yarn
4mm Hook

Start with a chain 6 and create a circle

Round 1) Chain 3 this counts as your first DC (trc) then work a further 3 DC (trc) this is your first cluster,
Chain 3 then work 4 DC (trc) chain 3 until you have 4 x 4DC clusters and 4 3 chain spaces

Round 2) Chain 5, this counts as a DC and chain2 miss 2 stitches and in your forth DC(trc) work a DC(trc)

Next work 2dc(trc) chain 3 2DC(trc) into your corner space, and a DC(trc) into the first DC, chain 2 (this creates your holey area) skip 2 stitches then DC into last DC of cluster, continue round in the same manner then join to the 3rd chain of your chain5

Round 3) Chain 5 ( first DC and chain space) work a DC into each stitch, 2DC ch3 2DC into corner chain space around chain 2 and skip the chain space below and join to 3rd chain of chain5

Continue in the same pattern until your square is the size required

work a DC into each stitch,
ch2 and skip over 2ch space,
2DC, ch3, 2DC into each corner space.

                              You can colour change in the usual way if you want to.

                                              Happy Hookin'

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