Friday, 30 December 2016

Hats! Perfect!

My most loved thing to make and use are hats, slouchy or fitted I love them all. I make loads of them. I used to get super frustrated by the gap that is left from joining in the round so now I use the invisible seam method, there are a few different ideas for it but my preferred method is pictured below.

I am using James c Brett Partytime Chunky for the hat in the pictures with a 6mm hook.

So usually you would chain the required amount, in this case 2 as using HTR/HDC then work a stitch in the next stitch and around,

Joining to the top of the chain at the beginning of the round, but as you can see this leaves a gap, which as you work up the hat causes a line of holes, not pretty at all.

To stop this I chain the required

 But then work my first stitch in the same place as I joined, When I have finished my round i make sure to join into the top of the Stitch NOT the chain

This closes the gap perfectly.

As you can see, the join is closed and less visible
If you use single colour yarn it is even less visible,
I just happened to be using self striping at the time.

I finished this hat with Curly-Cues instead of a pom pom (for a change) 

I tend to do my own thing when it comes to basic kids beanies, I like to use this Blog post to guide me to sizes, with this you can use any yarn, an hook and this guide will show you how to properly size crochet hats

My all time favourite Slouchy pattern and the one I go to every time is this one from ( the awesome!)  Mims Designs her buttoned beauty slouchy (this will take you to the pattern page on Ravelry) is fab! I have made so many of these, they are super popular. click here for a couple of mine. Pop over to Mims designs and show some love, queue it and hook it! you wont be disappointed I promise you.

                                                           Have a great New Year and Happy Hookin'