Blessed is what I am

I am lucky to be able to do the stuff I love to do and call it work

I love my network Marketing business as it allows me to chat and make friends but to also support other small business people who are just like me, providing for our families and their futures.

I adore my Wool Shop, Its become a real community place, people come in for tea, chats to see princess sparkles,

while they are there I get to flex my understanding muscle, You find a lot of people who take up a new hobby like knitting or crochet are working through troubles or low times in their lives, i believe that the universe puts souls together for a reason and i am 100% certain i am in that wool shop to do more than just sell wool and play with needles,
I am on this planet we call home to help and guide people through good and bad times, joy and tears.

It is good to help others, it heals me bit by bit too.
One day I will have a craft therapy room in my wool shop and
a healing center too, it will be amazing!


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